Terror, terror has a face
Terror has eyes full of malice and hatred that tells you you'll never see them again
Terror has a bone-chilling bite and frost emanating from its teeth
Terror has ears that hear everything and a memory that forgets nothing
Terror will chew you up and spit you out
Terror can smell the fear on you, every time you remember every human mistake you've ever made
Terror will never forgive

Happiness, too, has a face
Happiness has deep, wide, grey eyes that make your heart and soul warm like a warm hearth after a long day
Happiness has a beautiful and radiating smile that makes your heart start to race
Happiness hears the love you have for mankind and the remorse you feel
Happiness accepts you as the flawed human being you are
Happiness will never be unreachable

Disgust may be the face I'm most familiar with
Disgust has eyes that look just like mine
Disgust has a nose reflected backwards in the mirror
Disgust makes your stomach turn and your eyes water every time you look in the mirror
Disgust hears all your darkest secrets and wandering thoughts and it will never let you live them down
Disgust will never leave you

I can't say I can place a face to love
Love is the long nights out with those you call friends, talking about whatever ridiculous idea you ideas you have to save the world this time
Love is the warmth of being the big spoon and the little spoon
Love has the voice of every man and woman you've encountered in your storied life
Love hears the stories you have to tell and sees the remorse in your eyes
Love knows the lengths you will go even to simply help a stranger
Love will outlive you or I

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