A Neon Skyline

I always believed that it was true, that you could never have too much of a good thing. I suppose now, I’ve learned that it’s more complicated than that.

I will always be in love with this city, I will always be in love with her streets, her people, her towns and neighborhoods and history. It seems, however, that right now we are frozen in time.

I have slowly watched as the grid-pattern sets of streets and avenues have become a prison. The tall concrete towers of Manhattan now remind me more of guard towers than the city I love and the people I see look no happier than prisoners.

It’s painful to see this happen. Her heart still beats under these trappings. I still don’t know though.

How can I love you from quarantine?

Is it not right
That my mind wanders
To the thoughts of another?
To the thoughts of an unknown
One not so frozen in time

I can't lie, to you or myself
I've always wondered
If I could love another's streets
Get lost in another's alleyways
Live in another's walls

I'm sorry
Maybe one day I'll come back
You'll have grown and changed
You won't be so still anymore
So cold to the touch

It is with a heavy heart
I say to you, my muse
My thoughts betray my heart
I yearn for her neon skyline
Her flooded alleyways

It is a call I cannot ignore

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