I haven’t posted in a long time. I haven’t much had much to say in a long time. Being stuck inside, like everyone else, has given me time to think. To reflect. It’s helped me realize many things.

People are always quick, to condemn political violence and those that commit acts of violence. It’s not hard to understand why, people have an image to protect. People need to appear as the good, loyal, subdued citizens they are. What is hard to understand, at least for many people, is the plight of those committing acts of political violence. To be explicitly against any forms of political violence, and to universally condemn those that utilize it, requires an amount of privilege I cannot overstate.

Can someone really say they have principles and values, if they are not willing to fight for said principles, or said values? Is the appeal of being the moderate, the neoliberal, the safety of not fighting for or believing in anything, worth not having values? Not fighting for anything? At what point, to the moderate, the centrist, does enough become enough? At what point do they realize they must fight? At what point do they stop condemning those actually willing to fight for people they do not know, and for causes they truly believe in?

Those averse to any and all forms of political violence and polarization often point to the successes of Martin Luther King Jr. in the United states as proof that non-violent protests work. These same people fail to recognize that Martin Luther King Jr. saw his “dream become a nightmare”. They fail to recognize that when MLK started fighting for a class of people, those downtrodden and poor, he was assassinated. They fail to recognize that every non-violent attempt to form a coalition between all the poor and downtrodden in this country has ended with nothing but violence and the death of organizers.

For many people, complacency isn’t an option. Centrism isn’t a position they can afford to take. Many people must fight, so that they may live. The rest of us, in my opinion, have a moral imperative to fight for them too. Of course, political violence is not always the answer. In fact, it usually isn’t. However, to pretend that it is never the answer is a joke, and does nothing but push people towards complacency, and away from fighting for actual, real change.

The FBI and the Chicago PD assassinated Fred Hampton in his home, after drugging him to sleep. The FBI and the NYPD assassinated Malcolm X in the middle of the day in New York City. How can one know all of this and not fight?

The answer, for me at least, is that one cannot.

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