American Things

Do not speak to me about what are 
American Things
When you know nothing about the subject

You know nothing of 
American Things
You, woman who just bought a flat in Greenwich Village
Who paid for NYU out of 
Parents pocket

You know nothing of 
American things
You, who talks of how hard we work
Not how long we suffer
You who have never worked one day 

Do not tell your foreign exchange student of
American things
For they are not the whole story
Your family's new apartment in brooklyn
Raised the rent $500

You do not know what 
American things are
You do not know

I do not know either
You gentrified all the American things
You took them from us
You made them into

And a trail of tears
Wall Street
And jail cells

And if one day I catch you
Riding the 6 train to 
The E Train 
Side by Side with me

You won't ever be able to talk
About American Things
Ever again

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