I believe, with all of me, that humanity is capable of incredible things. Of the greatest things, even. I believe that if you have empathy, and if you are capable of understanding even a fraction of our fellow humans, it is impossible not to see the wonder of them. The potential they have, and that we in ourselves have. The ingenuity and creativity and joy and sorrow and imagination and realism and pragmatism and every single thing that we are all capable of, the span of our potential, the infinite complexities of consciousness we all house and share that make us who we are. Seeing all of this, in every person you look upon, it’s impossible not to love your fellow man. No matter who they may be, no matter where they may be from, or where they desire to take us. It is impossible not to love the things we are all capable of. This makes it hard.

This makes it hard not to hate. This makes it impossible not to look around and not hate your fellow man, but to hate what they say, where they desire to take us, what they do to each other and what they do not do for each other. This makes it impossible not to hate what many of us have become. To hate how so many of us understand each other so little. It is painful, to hate what you love most. It is a pain I wish upon not even my worst enemy, yet that I know I share with my best friends. It is not that I do not accept the premise that man is imperfect. I could not love my fellow man without our imperfections. I do not however, accept the premise that man is incapable of creating a perfect society. I do not accept that man cannot rise above ignorance, and hatred. I will never accept that man, we, are destined for anything less than greatness. I cannot accept it, even if I desired to. I cannot see all that we are capable of, even on the individual scale, and accept that we cannot rise past this. I do not accept a perfect society requires perfect people. I put forth the idea that a perfect society cannot exist in a world of perfect people. The society is not perfect because we are all perfect. The society is perfect because we can accept how imperfect our fellow men and women are, and can still see the humanity in one another. The value.

Is it easy to have so much trust in humanity? No, I don’t think it is. It’s not easy to trust that we will all simply try to be the best we can. It is not easy to constantly see your trust broken, your will tested, your love exploited. But doing the right thing never is. Being a good person is never easy. Does that mean we should not do the right thing? Be the best people we can be? Even in our darkest moments as a species, in our tiny nations, and our small societies, you will see that when it counts, your trust will be rewarded. You will be proven right. And even if just for a moment, it will be easy to love your fellow man.

“I’ve had some dark nights of the soul, of course, but giving in to depression would be a sellout, a defeat.

Christopher Hitchens

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