I believe you can tell a lot about a society by how safe those most vulnerable within it are. In our society, I think that if you look, you won’t like what you’ll see. I do not desire to live in a world where a woman cannot go outside late at night, or out as a group, and feel safe. A world where children cannot go to the park alone even if it is close to their home. It infuriates me that we live in a society where a woman cannot feel safe going outside, especially at night or even in groups. It infuriates me we live in a world where children cannot safely go to the playground or the park alone, even if it’s daytime.

The most disgusting aspect about this to myself, is the fact that when crimes of a sexual nature involving a man assaulting or harming a woman get taken to court, many judges for “some reason” seem to be able to relate to the defendant, and many times show leniency to these criminals for that very reason when they’re being sentenced. Brock Turner got 6 months of prison and some community service. I tend to wonder if it’s because they simply look like these judges, or is it because these judges are guilty of similar impulses or, even worse, actions in their private lives. This is unacceptable.

Especially of note is how many men attempt to qualify the details of these cases as if they exonerate the assaulter. Trying to explain away why someone did something. It’s a foolish attempt to make rapists seem more personable because many men in power can relate to the desire or act of taking someone by force. If it’s not clear, it does not matter what one is wearing, how they are acting, etc. Of course, you could argue “why would someone put themselves in such a risky situation” but that does not somehow make the rapist some “morally complex” character whose actions are anything less than abhorrent and a moral outrage.

I tell my friends this a lot, especially the ones I care about most in this world. I tell them that if I personally find out they assaulted or took advantage of a woman or child or marginalized person, especially sexually, the outcome would not be pretty for them. I do this because this so outrages me that I have no other choice but to. There are many things I can put up with by being able to just ignore. This is not one of them. Not in any situation, not in any case. Not in war, not in peace, not from a 15 year old, not from a 50 year old. I do not believe the desire to exploit and abuse those most vulnerable can be lost through any form of rehabilitation. I believe these people must be killed.

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