I believe the structure society offers us as of now, cannot stand. I do not believe people can continue to live without joy and accept being forced down paths they didn’t choose or being forced into actions they don’t desire to take. I do not believe the world or its people will survive when the only options are to do what you must or to die cold, hungry, and alone. I do not believe even that we were meant for just this. I think better of us.

I suppose that’s always why I am so disappointed, and probably the root of my pain and my suffering and my disgust. It is painful to look around and to look on the news and to look anywhere my eyes can see and hear of all the pain and the suffering we inflict upon one another, to see how much we don’t see the world and its beauty, and to know the pain that we all feel and share. I do not understand it and I’m sure many others do not as well.

The first man to desire control must have been two things: either a sociopath, or so overwhelmingly insecure that the difference was indistinguishable. This has ruined us. By exercising control over another man this person has created a legacy that will plague us for the rest of our time. This desire has created our current predicament and now we in the west grow up desiring the means to control. I desire to escape this.

I do not know where the desire to hurt comes from. To needlessly cause harm or create strife. To exercise control and gain power. I do not get why one might want these things. I do not understand why power is desired. Logically, the only thing that would make sense to desire, is the happiness of our fellow man. No matter their culture, race, religion, etc. if we desired and strove for the happiness of all those we could, if we created a world conducive to the exploration of creativity and joy, if we simply explored all the unique feelings and abilities that sentience provides to us, we would have a much happier world.

It is objectively better to love and teach and accept than it is to hate and vilify. It is disappointing that people do not see this. It is exceedingly disappointing that they likely never will. We are better than this, but we do not know it. At this rate, we will never realize that fact.

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