I think it’s interesting when people write about futuristic dystopian societies. Dystopian worlds where you’re always watched or always controlled. Never free. This may be a hot take but I believe these worlds are more science, less fiction. I don’t think it’s crazy to consider the world we live in now to be dystopian. I think it’d be crazy not to consider it as such actually.

Late stage capitalism has created this scenario. The unfortunate facts of the world as we know it are this: The technology we have access to is powerful and widespread, and that technology has been abused. We live in a time in which your personal data is more valuable than oil as a resource. Amazon and Google will sell who you are, who you will be, what your favorite sandwich is, and what your hopes and dreams are.

Countless companies know what you will do and what you want to buy before you can even conceive of it, where you want to go for vacation, and who you desire to be. I sometimes wish I could live outside of this society, or at least this world of data as a commodity. As can be heard by people everywhere, I am not for sale.

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