I find it troubling, that humanity, for centuries, allowed itself to hinder progress, to hinder innovation and development, all for some feelings of racial superiority and short term monetary gain. I think of all the potential indigenous peoples that, had they access to the scientific information the western world had amassed by time of their discovery, and free from the oppressive chains of colonialism and settlement, could’ve gone down in history as the greatest innovators, the greatest scientists, the greatest inventors, and the greatest minds. I find it troubling that the western world even managed to create its own dark age. Hinder its own growth. I am a black child in the western world knowing no other, and yet when I look at the Eastern world, its many innovations and discoveries even into the B.C. era, I look back to the west, and I am saddened. Maybe those in the west never considered how great our contributions could be to the sciences, maybe they truly did see us as subhuman, or maybe they were scared of how great our contributions could be. Maybe that is why we were to become minstrel shows. I don’t know. I cannot know. I am not a man of the western world.

 Thirty miles down south 
Where the doves like to go
There lives a dove unlike any other

This dove flies fast
As fast as its wings will take it
Faster than the others

This dove speaks more
Better than the other doves
It knows the word "vernacular"

This dove issa smat dove
Smater den all de otha doves
Knows how to hide in plain sight
Because this dove speaks better than the other doves
Is smarter than the other doves
Flies as fast as its wings will let it go

The other doves ridicule and laugh
And they call this black dove, a crow

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